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To assist our preparation, please complete the Pre-admission and Pre-operative Assessment forms and return to Mackay Specialist Day Hospital as soon as possible.  We also require your consent form that has been completed with your surgeon. Please notify us if your weight is over 130kg prior to your admission as we will need to organise a pre-admission assessment.

You will need to contact the Mackay Specialist Day Hospital one working day prior to your surgery to obtain details regarding your admission, such as admission and fasting times, fees and other relevant information.  If the nursing staff require any further information regarding your medical or surgical history they may contact you prior to your surgery.

If you are having a General Anaesthetic or IV Sedation, do not eat any food for six hours prior to surgery.  You may drink water up to two hours prior to surgery.

Your fasting time will be confirmed when you contact the facility one working day prior to your surgery.  Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking for 24 hours prior to surgery, as this may affect your recovery.

Please shower prior to admission. If you require any special preparation your doctor will advise you.

Wear loose comfortable clothing including shoes which are easy to slip on and off. Children can be dressed in clean cotton pyjamas preferably that button up at the front.  Apart from a wedding ring all jewellery and valuables should be left at home.  We cannot accept responsibility for their security.

Please do not wear makeup, nail varnish, talcum powder, perfumes or deodorants.

Prepare for Surgery


Take your normal medications with a sip of water on the day of surgery unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

On Admission

Your admission time will be confirmed when you contact the facility one working day prior to surgery.  On arrival please present to the reception desk for admission. Please bring your Medicare and Health Fund cards with you and any medications that may be required during your stay. If you are a Diabetic and require insulin, please bring it with you in a cooler bag.  Also if you have any X-Rays, Scans, Medications or implants that are relevant to your procedure please bring them with you.  Our receptionist will ask you for a contact name and phone number of your family member or friend you have organised to collect you and stay with you after your procedure.

The admitting nurse will take your observations, attend to your pre-operative check and discuss any concerns you have regarding your surgery.

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